What countertop is best for me?

Featured: Alpine granite

Picking the Perfect Countertop

I am often asked during the design process "what counter top should I pick?" 
Granite, quartz, quartzite, limestone, marble. The options are limitless. 
So I sat down to share my thoughts...
turns out there are tons of tips, charts, comparisons, etc online. 

So instead of reinventing the wheel, I thought I would point you in the right direction.
I really like this countertop comparison from www.homebunch.com

Currently in our market, consumers are purchasing quartz or granite 95% of the time because they are more affordable than quartzite and more functional than marble.  The difference between quartz and granite is that quartz is man-made to mimic marble (aka you can get it in white).

This countertop chart from www.greatlakesgm.com is good as it evaluates cost and durability.

Please don't hesitate to call us our come in the Studio, and we can help you pick the best countertop for your space.