Performance Fabrics & Families

will this fabric last?

I love this fabric, but I’ve got kids. Will they ruin it?
— All my clients

Many of my current clients are young families who want to transform and design the home they've recently purchased to accommodate their growing families into "their" home.  This design transformation includes art, furniture, lamps, tiles, countertops and UPHOLSTERY
(to name a few elements).  

 I'm always asked about trending fabric, specifically light colors.  When you have a 9-month old, the last thing you want to do is spend big money on fabric that isn't stain resistant.  No one wants to stare at strawberry stains for the next 10 years because they purchased the wrong fabric.

An answer to these young families...

Crypton and Sunbrella are great options if you’re looking for a performance fabric.  If you’re worried about stains and the ability to clean fabric easily is really important to you, then Crypton is the way to go.  It used to be if you were you’re placing an upholstered piece in a sunroom or on a deck, Sunbrella will be your best bet.  However, Sunbrella has made some big improvements, and I've started to use it on couches in clients' living rooms.    

The other lesser discussed option is asking the manufacturer to pre-treat (think soaked in Scotchguard) before delivering the fabric.  This costs a little more, but could be your answer if you find something you love.  

If you don't want to spend more, consider using the non-performance fabric for a pillow. This is a great way to get that pop of color you love without the financial commitment or fear of ruining it.